Group Projects

Group4: Pimp the Loom

‘Pimp the Loom’ is a film that shows the process of a loom being prepared for the future – for the very near future indeed. As the material group we discussed the issues and challenges for e-textile designers, currently being … Continue reading

Group2: Master’s coat

by Mika Satomi, Barbro Scholz, Marta Kisand, Piem Wirtz and Anja Hertenberger


by Anna Vallgarda, Hanna Landin, Vanessa Carpenter, Rasmus Hedin and Melissa Coleman

Group3: It Works

by Isabel Cabral, Meg Grant, Marjan Kooroshnia, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Mili Tharakan It Works is a performative piece that demonstrates the past, present and future practice of creating Electronics Textiles. Participants are asked to complete parts of the embroidery using conductive thread.  … Continue reading

group project theme

On 3rd day afternoon and on 4th day, the participants are grouped into 4 groups, and worked on a developing a prototypes. We were given the following questions and search for an answer through our attempt to develop “future craft … Continue reading