Screen Printing with conductive ink with graphite powder

Teacher: Berit Berit has been exploring use of conductive materials, especially graphite powders. She is interested in making a basic component by herself. She showed us how you can make conductive paint by mixing graphite powder with printing binders. The … Continue reading

Screen Printing with TC and heating circuit

Teacher: Linda, Marjan Linda and Marjan has been experimenting a lot with Thermochromic textile prints, and showed us how the ink behaves. We used open silk screen and wood blocks from India to print these thermochromic prints. Many participants then … Continue reading

fabric speakers

Teacher: Hannah Instructions for fabric speakers >> More on paper speakers >> Photos from workshop

Motor movement and Origami

Teacher: Meg, Isabel Mika asked Isabel and Meg to combine their experience with origami and motors in a workshop for the Summer Camp. They normally do not work together, in fact, did not know each other until they have met … Continue reading


Teacher: Delia, Barbro, Linnea Delia, Barbro and Linnea are skilled textile designers trained in both industrial and hand knitting machines. They have showed us how to operate hand knitting machines using default patterns as well as computer programmed patterns. The … Continue reading


Teacher: Linda, Barbara Linda and Barbara are both long trained weaving experts and textile designers. They have showed us basic weaving knowledge, how weaving patterns are made and documented, as well as hands-on weaving technique on classic loom. We tried … Continue reading


Teacher: Berit Bondawebbing is a technique to fix the electronics between layers of materials using web of glue and iron to melt it. Berit showed us how to make conductive paper layer with graphite powder, by smudging it and cutting … Continue reading

electroplating copper traces on fabric

Teacher: Hannah Instructions for electroplating >> Electroplating fabric traces >> Electroplating conductive fabrics >> Instructions for salt and vinegar etching >> Photos from workshop These are some results of the etched copper fabric.  After 24 hours … Continue reading