Hannah Perner-Wilson

Hannah Perner-Wilson explores the electrical properties of materials, as well as traditional and contemporary craft techniques. She develops new techniques for building electronics that emphasize materiality and process, because she believes that this will allow us to build electronics that are more diverse, understandable and expressive than electronics currently are. Through creating examples, giving workshops and publishing online documentation she disseminates this approach and demonstrates how we can engage with electronics in new ways.

Since 2006 Hannah has collaborated with Mika Satomi, forming the collective KOBAKANT. In 2009, as research fellows at the Distance Lab in Scotland, KOBAKANT published an online database for sharing their DIY wearable technology approach titled HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. In 2011 Hannah graduated with a Masters degree in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, where she was a student in the High-Low Tech research group lead by Leah Buechley. Her thesis work focused on developing, documenting and disseminating a Kit-of-No-Parts approach to building electronics. She holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from the Art University of Linz.

Websites: Plusea, KOBAKANT, HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT, Kit-of-No-Parts

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