Motor movement and Origami

Teacher: Meg, Isabel

Mika asked Isabel and Meg to combine their experience with origami and motors in a workshop for the Summer Camp. They normally do not work together, in fact, did not know each other until they have met at the summer camp. This was an experiment on how two expertise could meet and emerge to a new technique.

Some information about Isabel’s research into textile origami:

Meg’s movement studies with textiles and motors:

The workshop will be a collaboration in experimenting and learning by doing.  Isabel will explain some of the textile origami techniques she’s discovered and Meg will talk about the possibilities and challenges she found when working with DC motors.

You’ll work in pairs, building a simple DC motor controller using an Arduino, a potentiometer and an h-bridge.  Then we’ll attach the motor to fabric origami to make it move.  Our aim is to get you started with the basic principles so that you can build on what you’ve learned either during the Summer Camp or later.


Here’s the Arduino code we used and the schematic for building the motor control circuit on the breadboard:
Download zip (160KB)

Also, here is the video of the final construction we used:

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