Barbara’s Pizza

ca 5-6kg flower,
5 fresh yeast
ca 10 tins korassade tomatos (in pieces),
vegtables of season (zuchini, green + red peppers, onions, champignons, …),
ca 16 round Mozarella cheeses or other oven suitable cheese,
ham, salami
other toppings, depending on how many people eat meat or vegetarian or are allergic,
spices like salt, pepper, tymian, rosmarin, oregano,

the sauce : onions, tomato tins and spices.

cutting and frying 5-6 onions, mix in the tins of tomatos and spice with salt, pepper, tymian, rosmarin, oregano. Boil shortly.
All topping to be cut, and than we can lay section, vegetarian, non-vegetarian… that is easy to improvise.

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