Group3: It Works

by Isabel Cabral, Meg Grant, Marjan Kooroshnia, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Mili Tharakan

It Works is a performative piece that demonstrates the past, present and future practice of creating Electronics Textiles.¬†Participants are asked to complete parts of the embroidery using conductive thread.¬† When all work is done on the textile, the circuit is completed, lighting a single LED in the centre and activating a heated element to display the text “it works” printed in thermochromic ink.

We wanted to convey the experience of doing a lot of work for seemingly small reward (the lighting of an LED) to show how exciting this can be, but also as a tongue-in-cheek reference to all the work that can go into a seemingly small action.  We think this is part of what makes a master craftsman, but we also would like to do away with some of the hard components borrowed from traditional electrical engineering and start to create our own toolbox of textile-based soft components.



Collaborative work

Front and Back

Close-ups of process


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