Group4: Pimp the Loom

‘Pimp the Loom’ is a film that shows the process of a loom being prepared for the future – for the very near future indeed.

As the material group we discussed the issues and challenges for e-textile designers, currently being left with the devision of our work processes into the textiles ones, and the electronic ones. This separation often leads to a discontinuous manufacturing process: Such as, samples with conductive yarns need pruning during the weaving to not cause short cuts in the circuit, and connectors need to be attached after the sample is taken off the loom. This also leads to fragile prototypes, that just hold together for an exhibition and need hiding of a lot of hardware in black boxes.

We propose a fusion of tools, skills and labour. In ‘Pimp the Loom’ five e-textile designers work together to create an all-round tool and experience for truly integral e-textiles.

by Linda Wobin, Barbara Jansen, Delia Dumitrescu, Linnea Nilsson and Berit Greinke

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