Here is the list of participants.
Please add your information (background, website, image) to the post linked to your name, so that we can learn about each other’s background prior to the summer camp.

From The Swedish School of Textiles, smart textile design lab:
Mika Satomi
Anna Vallgarda
Linda Wobin
Mili Tharakan
Hanna Landin
Barbara Jansen
Marjan Kooroshnia
Delia Dumitrescu
Linnea Nilsson
Barbro Scholz
Marta Kisand

from V2 E-textile workspace Rotterdam:
Piem Wirtz
Melissa Coleman
Meg Grant
Anja Hertenberger

from GeekPhysical, Copenhagen
Vanessa Carpenter
Rasmus Hedin (associated but not part of GeekPhysical)

from Media and Arts Technology, Queens Mary University, London
Berit Greinke

from High Low Tech lab, MIT
Hannah Perner-Wilson

From Porto Portugal
Isavel Cabral