Group Projects

The last 2 days will be dedicated to work on group projects. We will divide the participants into small groups to work on a collaborative project which reflect the theme. This year’s theme is “Soft and Slow Electronics”. This is the chance to work with other participants, quickly realizing your ideas in physical forms. We do not expect you to finish with a complete project, but rather to see the trace of explorations. The result will be presented at the end of the summer camp as a public presentation.

Magic Carpet

Project Members: Kristi Kuusk, Lynsey Calder, Alexandra Murray-Leslie, Sara Robertson, Barbro Scholz    

Loom in a Tree

Métier fibre optique

Project Members: Celine MARCQ, Isabel Cabral, Pauline VIERNE, Priti Veja, Sarah Taylor, Beam van Waardenberg, Teresa Almeida Tree loom, some photos of preparations taken by Beam Tree loom, presentation pages Pauline has made the presentation available at her site: … Continue reading

Future Sample Book

Project Members: Melissa Coleman, Mili Tharakan, Marta Kisand

POV Ribbon


project members: Irene Posch, Maurin Donnneaud, Tincuta Heinzel process pictures and first testing    

Power Generating Textiles

Group Projects at e-textile summer camp

Project Memebers: Meg Grant, Troy Robert Nachtigall, Zoe Romano Plan A was to work with the Konstantan thread donated to the Summercamp by Karl Grimm. We had a scientific paper that described an application using this thread to generate power. … Continue reading

Underwater E-Textiles


Inspired by the location of the 2013 E-Textile Summercamp at Paillard which is an old paper mill. As a group we explored the use of e-textiles in and underwater to capture and harvest energy from both human and water movement … Continue reading