Swatchbook Exchange

The Swatchbook Exchange provides a platform for exchanging E-Textile samples between practitioners in the field. Everybody who participates in the exchange by submitting a unique swatch design of their own, receives a compiled collection of everybody else’s swatches. This means that everybody participating needs to make as many multiples of their swatch as participants. There are no guidelines defining what these samples could or should be, only that they relate to the field of E-Textiles. Preferably each swatch should be able to mount on a 13x16cm area, and while flat swatches lend themselves well to the book format, 3D swatches are also welcome.

Maurin Donneaud & Laurent Malterre: Matrix

Credits: Maurin Donneaud & Laurent Malterre Year: 2012 References: Links: Materials: polyester, copper thread coated with silver. Techniques: knitting Dimensions: 20 x 20 Description: This knitting textile is made of two layers of fabric that incorporate conductive threads. … Continue reading

Jie Qi: LED Color Graph


Credits: Jie Qi Year: 2012 video: Photos: Materials: Copper tape, conductive fabric tape, solder, 1206 surface mount LEDs in red, yellow, pink, blue and white, magnets for battery holder Techniques: Soldering to components, copper tape and conductive fabric … Continue reading

Sara Robertson: Transitional Liquid Crystal Fabric

Liquid Crystal Swatches

The swatches were developed as part of my practice-led PhD funded by the AHRC and supported by LCR Hallcrest (manufacturers of thermochromic systems) ‘An investigation of the design potential of thermochromic textiles used with electronic heat-profiling circuitry’ completed at the … Continue reading

Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak: Knitted Capacitor


Credits: Year: 2012 References: Links: Materials: acrylic yarn, enamelled copper wire (∅ 0,15 mm) Techniques: The capacitor consists of two enameled copper wires knitted in parallel to form the pattern. Being closely interknit with each other, the capacitance is … Continue reading

Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak: Knitted Breadboard and Punchcard


Credits: Year: 2012 References: Breadboard Pincushion: Textile Perfbord:,103&product_id=80 Links: Materials: wool, acrylic yarn, Karl Grimm silver plated nylon Techniques: The process starts with designing a pattern and creating a digital illustration file for the punch-card. The punch-card … Continue reading

Becky Stewart: Excuse Me

Excuse Me Swatch

Credits: Becky Stewart Year: 2013 References: Links: Materials: ATtiny45, SMD LEDs, conductive thread, non-conductive thread, non-conductive fabric Techniques: The brains of the swatch is an ATtiny45. The surrounding circuitry contains SMD LEDs with wire loops soldered on to make … Continue reading

Isabel Cabral: Thermochromic Origami


Credits: Isabel Cabral & A. P. Souto Year: 2012-2013 References: Links: Materials: 50%CO 50%PES Textile Substrate, Thermochromic Pigments (27ºC trigger temperature), Conventional Pigments, Binder with stiffness agent and paper touch agent, Aluminum foil, Wood glue Techniques: Screen printing, Spectrophotometer measurements, … Continue reading

Melissa Coleman: Harvest Weave


Credits: Year: 2013 References: new-retro designs like the ones of Brook&Lyn and Maryanne Moodie Links: Materials: Wool, cotton thread, gold thread, conductive thread, grass from Greenwhich. Techniques: Hand woven with rya knots and holes. Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 0.2 … Continue reading

PlugandWear: Textile Button

Credits: PlugandWear – Riccardo Marchesi and Troy Nachtigall Year: 2010 Links: Materials: Polyester, Stainless Steel Techniques: Scomar 2 Meter Flatbed Knitting Machine, Overlock Machine Dimensions: 4cmx10cmx0.3cm Description: We wanted to create a digital sensor that was as simple and … Continue reading

Martijn ten Bhömer: Tender knitted pockets


Credits: Martijn ten Bhömer, Kristi Kuusk, Paula Kassenaar, Textiel Museum TextielLab, Philips Research Year: 2012 References: The idea of light pockets is based on Paula Kassenaar’s “Soft Interior” project. ( Links: Materials: Fabric: – Bio-cotton, ecru colored – Conductive … Continue reading

Anja Hertenberger: Conductive Blackwork Pattern


Credits: Anja Hertenberger Year: 2013 Materials: Conductive Yarn: Gunze & Mitsufuji (ETC SI30), 6 Ohm / 20 cm Linnen Fabric Cotton Thread Technic: For this sample I used a simple pattern of a Medieval Egyptian “Blackwork” Embroidery (by Heather Rose … Continue reading

Pauline Vierne: Resistive knitting


Credits: Pauline Vierne (textile designer), GUIGOU (knitting factory), Creafibres (Resistive thread maker) Year: 2013 Links: Materials: Resistive thread – made of 20% inox and 80% Polyster – from Créafibres and Viscose thread 100%, Knitted by Guigou on circular knitting machine. … Continue reading

Sarah Taylor: Light-emitting paper strips

S Taylor phase 1 b

Credits: Sarah Taylor Year: 2012 References: Concept initiated by design developments during an Arts & Humanities (AHRC) Research Leave Award, 2007 and exhibit commission piece, Inner Light: programmable, light-emitting woven paper commissioned by the National Museum of Scotland for The … Continue reading

Katharina Vones and Sara Robertson: Thermochromic Silicone Fabric


Credits: Katharina Vones and Sara Robertson Year: June/July 2013 Links: Dimensions: Approx 4cm X 4cm X 1mm Description: A collaboration between Katharina (who works with silicone and smart materials in her Jewellery practice) and Sara (who works with chromic materials … Continue reading

Marina Toeters: Skin patch with magnet zipper

21 result action

Credits: Marina Toeters • Year: 2013 Links: Materials: Srubbed knitted material Trading: Laintex bv, Weesp, Netherlands Reference: 60100 Composition: 85% PES, 15% EA Width: 150 cm / Weight: 230 gm2 Magnet zipper Maker:, Paris, France Reference: ZC-1,5-090 … Continue reading

Lynsey Calder: Thermochromic heated lozenge


Credits: Lynsey Calder Year: 2012 References: Dr Sara Robertson – Transitional stripes (heat sinks) Links: link to come Materials: Silk Twill fabric, Thermochromic pigment, Fluorescent pigment, Textile binder, Foil glue, Textile foil, Copper tape, 150Ω surface mount resistor, Solder, Multithreaded … Continue reading

Meg Grant: Embedded Flexible LED Strip


Credits: Meg Grant Year: 2013 Links: Materials: 100% wool felt, 12V 5050 flexible LED strip, Non-pvc heat press t-shirt decal “”vinyl”, Bison-tix adhesive Techniques: There are three layers in this sample, two felt and one vinyl. The middle layer … Continue reading

Barbro Scholz: manipulation of conductive surface

close up

Credits: Barbro Scholz, TITV Year: 2011/2012 Link: Materials: Surface is made of Bekinox conductive wool (with steelfibers blend) application made of copperfibers on small sample: TC ink 27°C and common ink Techniques: Felting with was dine with soap and … Continue reading

Mili Tharakan: Zardozi Embroidery

Credits: Mili Tharakan Year: Links: Materials: Zardozi – metal wire, Cotton fabric, Embroidery loop, Fine sewing needle, Cotton sewing thread Techniques: The fabric to be embroidered is traced with the desired pattern and stretched onto an embroidery loop. It is … Continue reading

Hannah Perner-Wilson: Beaded Tilt Sensor

Credits: Hannah Perner-Wilson Year: 2009 Links: Materials: copper polyester taffeta fabric, silver plated nylon fabric, Karl-Grimm copper thread 7×1 fach verseilt kupfer blank 3981, silver plated nylon thread 117/17 2ply, heavy metal bead, glass/plastic beads, green or black silk … Continue reading

Mika Satomi: Crochet Accelerometer

Credits: Mika Satomi Year: 2010 Link: Materials: conductive yarn, normal yarn, marble/stone, beads, conductive thread, conductive fabric Techniques: crochet Dimensions: 12cm x 3cm x 1cm Description: When you knit/crochet with conductive yarn, it changes the resistance when it is stretched. … Continue reading

Kristi Kuusk: Bedtime Stories


Credits: Kristi Kuusk, Unit040, johan van den acker textielfabriek, studio toer Year: 2012 References: Link: Materials: Cotton or Polyester, iPad Techniques: weaving, software development Dimensions: 12×15 Description: “Bedtime Stories is a project developed further from earlier work called QR-coded … Continue reading

Beam Contrechoc: Exobag V0.1

Credits: Contrechoc Year: 2013 Exoplanet reference: Link for images: Script: Interactivity: ATTINY13a, LDR, resistor Materials: tent fabric, (side 1: camouflage, side 2 silver green), organza Techniques: Soldering, programming, sewing, embroidering Dimensions: folded 13×16 x 2cm, extended 16 … Continue reading

Marta Kisand: Bobbin-Lace with Conductive Inlay Thread

Credits: Marta Kisand, Barbro Scholz Year: 2013 References: Historical laces of 16th century Italy Link: Materials: 100% cotton thread (size 10), conductive thread (117/17 2ply, Techniques: Bobbin-lace Dimensions: 10 cm x 4 cm x 0.1 cm Description: “Bobbin-lace making … Continue reading