Day 5: Presentations and Good-byes


At noon we present to a local picnic audience and then people start to disperse off again into the world.

Day 4: Group Projects


Full day for working on group projects. In the evening we grill in the forge! The evening ends with a fiber-optic light show by the outdoor weaving group.

Day 3: Discussions and Group Projects


The morning starts with two discussion groups. Mika gives an overview over the materials that were sponsored by various companies. Then the swatchbook exchange is presented. After lunch we split into groups on various topics of interest to work together … Continue reading

Day 2: More Workshops


More workshops! Good food and local wine.

Day 1: Workshops


People still arriving throughout the day and after lunch the workshops begin!

Day 0: Pre-cooking and More Shopping


Mika gets up early to start preparing food for some of the meals. We print out schedules and notices to hang on walls. Go shopping for second-hand items and fresh groceries. Very first people start arriving in the afternoon/evening.

Day -1: Shopping and Picking Cherries

Finalizing the grocery shopping list for the week. Mika, Paula and Shelly go to Super U and pick up what looks like…. not quite enough for 30 people for 5 days? Compared to last year’s shopping extravaganza in Sweden. But … Continue reading

Day -2: Cleaning and Washing-up


Today (July 14th, 2013), it is hot and sunny in Paillard. Mika, Hannah and Paula are in Paillard, starting to prepare for the summer camp. We got to Paillard 1:30 last night after a long drive from Berlin. First of … Continue reading

Day -3: Berlin-Paillard in 14 hours

Mika, Paula and Hannah pack the car full of workshop and camping materials and set off from Berlin (a bit late:-). The drive is smooth and we pass through Paris just before midnight and see some of the 14th July … Continue reading