Sara Robertson: Transitional Liquid Crystal Fabric

The swatches were developed as part of my practice-led PhD funded by the AHRC and supported by LCR Hallcrest (manufacturers of thermochromic systems) ‘An investigation of the design potential of thermochromic textiles used with electronic heat-profiling circuitry’ completed at the School of Textiles and Design, Heriot Watt University 2011. Liquid crystal dye systems offered particular opportunities in their application to textiles, including the previously unexploited design potential of their ability to change through a spectrum of colours, facilitated further by access to some unique materials made available by the industrial collaboration. Each swatch will be slightly different as they are taken from development samples for ‘Transitional Stripes’ (final pieces for my PhD). However, each swatch is touch sensitive and will change through a series of colour-changes up to and sometimes over 40°c.

Swatch specification

Fabric: Laser Etched/Screen-Printed and Coated Black Cotton Satin
Thermochromic: LCR Hallcrest Liquid crystal slurry (R25C5W) 25°c activation temperature and combinations of a variety of activation temperature liquid crystals and leuco thermochromic dye systems.
Pigment: Permanent black textile pigment
Process: Laser etching, screen-printing, and coating processes to apply pattern and thermochromics. Fabric fixed at 130°c for five minutes in a temperature controlled oven.

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