Beam van Waardenberg

About Beam:

(“Beam” on itself is a project about the “my-ness” of my name. Is it really mine? Or is my name yours. So I am changing my name every 6 month to see what happens…)

An :-)mage of my outer appearance:

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Beam is a hybrid, studied astronomy (MSc) and  after that (quite logically) autonomous arts (Ba).

  • teacher design & technology at, courses: datavisualisation, hacking of gadgets, design and programming mobile devices, smart textiles, databases for designers, mapping, e-publications, programming, electronics, DIY, and …. cellular automaton knitting on a Brother kh940!
  • doing some other 100 things at the same time (only 100?)

“the meaning of my autonomous life is clear now: exploring datavisualisations of the universe on fashionable wearables.” –  Beam said, trying to look very seriously.

Textile Collaborations:

Most fun, stimulating and reinforcing was collaborating textily with others (yes that is a paradox: being “autonomous” and happy textiling together)

  • teaching smart textiles courses and workshops together with Marina Toeters
  • with  e-scarf, modularic friends and other projects
  • teaching fashion&technology with Meg Grant
  • doing a parallel course with Annet Couwenberg, MICA, Baltimore.
  • brief but nice: Anja Hertenberger and Meg Grant finalizing the inside of the Exovest at the Nasa Hackathon in Amsterdam this spring.


Images of my latest projects:

Solar Rim dress:

solar-rim-dress copia 300w" sizes="(max-width: 309px) 100vw, 309px" />

e-scarf: (resulting from an e-Textile meeting and the V2 workshop Designing for the loop)

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