Zoe Romano


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I co-developed several projects in the context of the Italian and European post-1999 movement, such as Chainworkers.org, EuroMayDay.org, and the icon of Italian precarious laborers and their struggles, San Precario. In 2005, I was part of the initiators of Serpica Naro media hoax, the fictive fashion designer accepted to the official calendar of Milano Fashion Week. Since then, I’ve been developing the Serpica Naro Collective brand and its non-profit association with several events and initiatives.

Lately I started getting interested in digital manufacturing especially regarding the way it could accelerate the process of spreading open-fashion and micro-social-enterprises. I’ve been exploring these topics co-founding two projects: Openwear and Wefab.it

Since February 2013 I work for Arduino dealing with Digital Identity & Wearables.


Openwear Open Design Accessory Collection + Visual report



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