Marina Toeters: Skin patch with magnet zipper

Credits: Marina Toeters •
Year: 2013

Srubbed knitted material
Trading: Laintex bv, Weesp, Netherlands
Reference: 60100
Composition: 85% PES, 15% EA
Width: 150 cm / Weight: 230 gm2

Magnet zipper
Maker:, Paris, France
Reference: ZC-1,5-090
Composition: 1) Magnets: Nd-Fe-B Rare Earth magnetic ceramics,
passivated zinc galvanisation. 2) Pouches: 100% PA

Maker: Eurojersey SPA, Caronno Pertusella, Italy
Reference: T BFAQ
Composition: 72% PA, 28% EA
Width: 150 cm / Weight: 160 gm2

Stretch conductive fabric
Composition: 92% Silver plated, 8% Nylon
Width: 135 cm / Weight: 130 gm2

Knitted spacer fabric
Trading: De Boerenbonthal Stoffen b.v.
Compotision: PA mono and multi filament

Vliesofix Hotmelt
Maker: Freudenberg & Co. KG

HT2 Adhesive for fabrics
Maker: Gütermann

1) Prepare fabrics with vliesofix + iron
2) Laser-cut all the parts
3) Glue via hotmelt the parts together, while using a template for the 3d shaped botton
4) Glue the magnets (as they can’t handle the needed heat of the hotmelt) with textile adhesive
See the total process via the link.


Description: is a design, research and prototype studio for fashion technology and innovative textile products.

As is developing products worn close to the body I tried to address some discussion topics that often occur during the process. Four of them are combined in this e-textile swatch.
1) Skin tactility: three ‘feels’ can be experienced composed out of 1 kind of material through lamination.
2) Measuring resistance: when 2 of these conductive components are placed on for example the body, and connected as + and – component changes in resistance can be measured.
3) Handling of the products: items on the body need to be opened and closed quite often. Here a magnet zipper solution for this.
4) System construction: I tried to bring some materials, functionalities and concepts together in clean and somewhat aesthetically pleasing swatch by using the laser cutter and hot-melt lamination.

All these aspects are learning’s and ongoing developments in several projects. Some of these projects are presented at

Supporting Materials:
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17 result back 300w, 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 2307px) 100vw, 2307px" />

16 result front 300w, 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 2428px) 100vw, 2428px" />

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Afdrukken 300w, 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 1721px) 100vw, 1721px" />

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