Vegetarian Napa Cabbage – mushroom dish

By Beam

I just made myself the following:(this dish is very suitable to improvise further with whatever is around in the kitchen)

Make a nice wok with the following (a bit of olive oil)

  • Napa Cabbage (cut in small slices, do not cook totally, must remain al dente)
  • unions
  • pepper
  • after a while add also cucumber cubes, tomatoes
  • either gember or garlic

You can combine this with a mix of seasonal mushrooms (ideally quantarelles!!!) in a sauce (basic rou: stir flour and butter, add water till the sauce is fluid, then add flavors)

Stir the mushrooms gently in the sauce till they get a nice soft shape, about 4-6 minutes.

Ready in 10-15 minutes!

Add a salad!

Add either rice or potatoes, but a nice pasta is also possible.


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