kuru fasulye … even more modified

by Mika

Ingredients: (10-12 servings)
6 Onions chopped small
1.5 Garlic
1 pack Mushroom
5 zuchini
3 eggplants
5 carrots
5 potatos
3 Canned tomatos (whole)
4 spoons of concentrate Tomato paste
vegetable soup stock (if not just water)
Olive oil
– cinnamon stick
– Clove
– Cummin
– Oregano
– Smack
– Mint
– laurier
– paprika powder
– burned chili powder (optional)

served with Cuscus (100g each?)

Tools you need
knife, cutting board, big pot, water cooker, bowl (for cuscus)

1. chop onions and garlic small. chop zucchini, eggplant, carrot, potato in 2cm cube
2. heat olive oil in a pan, add Cinnamon stick and cloves, when it smells good, add garlic. When it start to smell really good, add onions and stir until it is golden brown.
3. Add all the chopped vegetables and stair so the oil gets around.
4. add canned tomatoes and concentrated tomato paste. If the liquid in the pan is not covering the ingredients completely, add some water. Drop vegetable soup stock (optional). Add salt, oregano, paprika powder, laurier and cook for 30min.
5. Check the taste, and adjust it with salt, paper.. so on.If all the vegetables are cooked, add smack and mint, mix it well. Set aside from the oven top.
6. In a mean time, boil water, pour it on cuscus, wait for 5 min and mix it well with olive oil.
7. Serve with cuscus.

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