Salty cakes

posted by Pauline


for about 6 servings we need :

150g flour

3 eggs

1 sachet of yeast

12 cL of milk

10 cL of olive oil

200g goat cheese

about 200g pitted olives (green is softer than black)

and some dried tomatoes


step 1 : Mix together flour, eggs and yeast.

step 2 : Add the milk (cold) and olive oil.

step 3 : Mix thoroughly, try to aerate the dough.

step 4 : Add goat cheese in pieces, olives cut in half and dried tomatoes in pieces.

step 5 : salt and pepper

step 6 : Pour into a buttered cake pan.

step 7 : Bake in a preheated oven 180 ° C (Th 6), for 30 to 40 min according ovens.


Variations :

Beginning is the same, we can just change some ingredients, for example :

200g ham cubes + 200g gruyere

or 200g Feta (greek cheese) + 200g olives

or 200g pear + 200g Bleu (cheese, kind of Roquefort)

or 200g tuna + 200g olives



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