PlugandWear: Textile Button

Credits: PlugandWear – Riccardo Marchesi and Troy Nachtigall
Year: 2010
Materials: Polyester, Stainless Steel
Techniques: Scomar 2 Meter Flatbed Knitting Machine, Overlock Machine
Dimensions: 4cmx10cmx0.3cm

We wanted to create a digital sensor that was as simple and possible to create in an industrial process. This knitted textile sensor is a sandwich idea where two conductive layers are separated by a raschel knit (Holes) insulative layer. Presure conects both sides. We discovered an analog interface later in the experimentation process using a diagonal instead of a horizontal hookup. We have made versions of the sensor up to 50cmx50cm square and 4cmx100cm rectangular.

Supporting Materials:

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