About a year after the workshop in Brussels…

Once upon a time there was a knitting workshop in Brussels by Knitic.com (Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet) & knitter Claire Williams:


Wendy was there too…many others by the way, nice workshop atmosphere!


During the workshop I couldn’t get my board going on a KH940. Later on I tried again on the knitting machines of the Willem de Kooning – art school in Rotterdam. But i was reluctant, didn’t want to ruin those machines…

A few weeks before this summercamp I bought a KH940. But there wasn’t the time nor the concentration to look into this Arduino Due hack of the KH940. Of course the hacked machines of Claire and Maurin tempted me certainly to look at this again.

Indeed i have done now and, after discovering that the PIN 2 of my Arduino Due is either fried but in any way connected to GND….???…. and changing this to PIN 7 in the code and on the board, and also strange enough discovering that in the latest Arduino code of Knitic the solenoid PIN’s are not set in pinMode OUTPUT….???….,(they are set in the selenoid test code…)….so just adding this code of configuration…everything worked fine!

2014-08-18 15.17.50

Well, not quite yet….sometimes the knitting starts at another needle, as you can see in this MPPT image:, here all goes well to 80% of the height and then some lines are doubled, but not through the whole horizontal line….hmmmm…maybe I knitted once to the end sensor?

2014-08-18 21.26.28

You might think that an MPPT experiment produced directly this picture – measuring through the Arduino Due, but that is not totally true. Not yet!

Anyway, even after a year a workshop can have effects…

In Dutch we have a nice expression for that: “een lange adem”, something like ” extended or prolonged breathing” in English, which sounds awful ^_^

Added later on:

Indeed I have mended the PCB and written my own software. Now this setup with the Due and the PCB and my own software works like a charm!



see further posts on that blog for examples.