Anne-Marie Lavigne

meAnne-Marie uses a combination of computational design, electronics and digital fabrication to revisit the crafts heritage of her native county near Québec City. Her process is towards the tangible, traditional, and sensual and she uses fibers as components in compelling designs and interactive interfaces. She is inspired by the mutually informative histories of textiles and communications, and explores a fiber’s ability to transmit knowledge and emotion through visual and tactile interactions. She is an alumni from the Interactive Telecommunications Program of NYU TISCH School of Arts and currently researches woven circuitry and thermochromic dyes. She was selected for the 2014-2015  artist in residence program at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, for which she received the Ruth Schirson Levin Award.
Links to the recent works: Origami Fabrics, Woven Signals, Wooden Collar