Je suis Charlie

2015-01-11 13.14.06

A quick hack of a party dress into “Je suis Charlie”:    

Data Paulette Opens in Paris!!!

Congratulations Maurin, Vincent and Audry!!!

The Discussion on Kitsch Continues…

Mika leads a panel on Kitsch at the Wear It Festival in Berlin.

About a year after the workshop in Brussels…


Once upon a time there was a knitting workshop in Brussels by (Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet) & knitter Claire Williams: Wendy was there too…many others by the way, nice workshop atmosphere! During the workshop I couldn’t get … Continue reading



Finally the timelapse movie is finished. The images were shot from a fixed camera position in the big hall during eTextile Summercamp 2014 at Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain. Thanks to Clemens Pichler there is a soundtrack too.     Go … Continue reading

Some rough calculations on solar cells from examples

charging my samsung at 50-70mA

This was a mail I sent to campers about energy harvesting for charging my cell phone: —- Samsung Charging Experiment i did several more experiments in the nice sleeping week i took, still in the valley of the Loir. … … Continue reading

Beam pictures


First my bunch of pictures in one post. I made pictures of specific events, not much general pictures, although I have some of Bloom… Some random Camp pictures, taken by Beam SMA meets Smocking workshop, by Beam Relief-Leather-Embroidery workshop, by … Continue reading

Lost and Found


Here are what we found after cleaning things up: 1. Metallic tape >>Celine 2. Mechanical pencil >> Irene 3. Pen 4. Ballpoint pen 5. Pen 6. Pliers >> Ricardo 7. Power Adapter Mac (it is small, can be for iPad?) … Continue reading

August 1st:


This is the last day of the summer camp. We have whole day until 17:00 to work on the project. The lunch today was a bit special. We prepared Maki (sushi) setup for everyone to make their own choice of … Continue reading

July 31st:


It is already half summer camp done.. Today, we start with 2 skill share workshop on 3D printing and Energy Harvesting In the afternoon, we started to work on group projects more intensely. Now we have loosely formed group of … Continue reading

July 30th:


Again, we started with 8:00 croissant breakfast. Shelly and Beam is taking a task to drive to a bakery in the next town (the bakery in Poncé sur le Loir is closed now) every morning. From 9:00- 12:00, we had … Continue reading

July 29th:


We started off the morning session with 2 skill share workshop, SMA meets Smocking and Screen-Printing Dynamic Surfaces In the afternoon, we had an introduction to this year’s swatchbook, following the discussion on how we want the swatchbook to develop … Continue reading

July 28th:


Everyone is here at the Paillard. We started with a nice croissant breakfast from 8:00, following the introduction from the production team and from Shelly. From 10:00 to 13:00, we had our first skill share workshop session of traditional textile … Continue reading

July 27th: Setting up of the exhibiton


July 27th, the official Day 1 of the summer camp. The exhibition set up team is busy setting up the space. In the mean time, everyone starts to arrive at the Paillard. Today’s pick-up from station is at 13:00, 17:00 … Continue reading

summer camp is on the local news paper


eTextile Summer Camp is mentioned on the local news paper LA VIE EN VENDOMOIS. Yey!

July 26th Big shopping and more…


Maurin and Martin arrived from Paris in the morning. We had lunch picnic with Pasta Salad and Tart made by Martin. Yammmm! We went to Local Farmer who can directly sell her vegetables to us. We got 15kg of Potato, … Continue reading

July 24th 1st day at Paillard!


We got to Paillard before noon on 24th. It took us more than 12hours to drive. Everyone was a bit exhausted after driving through the night… but with warm hospitality by James with a welcome champagne, we got our energy … Continue reading

Leaving Berlin to Paillard


We have left Berlin on 23rd evening to head to Paillard! The car is super packed with all the equipments and goodies. Hannah, Mika, Ingo and Paula is in the car driving 12 hours to Paillard. We have long way … Continue reading

Weather forecast

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 2.07.40 PM

I have checked the weather forecast for Tours (closest big city) for the next week.. and it looks beautiful. Well, it can change so check it out before you pack your t-shirts!

Production meeting July 18th

We had our last meeting on July 18th. This will be our last meeting before the production team head to Paillard. We mostly talked about the current progress of the each organization. Accommodation, Traveling scheduling is ready. If you have … Continue reading

Le camp d’été e-textile


Florence Bost and Guillermo Crosetto book “Textiles, innovations et matières actives” is now out, and contains lovely photos of the E-Textile Summercamp!

Material list online


Thanks to Pauline, we have now the material list for this year’s summer camp online. It is not complete yet as we are receiving more and more materials. Also we will have some from the last year as well. … Continue reading

Production meeting July 10th


This time, the production team had a skype meeting with James from Paillard (he was in Paris at this moment though). We are now discussing details of room configuration for the workshop, exhibition setup, how we will manage to sleep … Continue reading

production meeting July 3rd


Again, we had our usual Thursday production meeting today. We discussed about Budget, Material ordering, Workshop survey, Project ideas, Accommodation planning and Exhibition. It is getting closer, and we are getting more and more excited about it. – we have … Continue reading

New Swatch Exchange Website

We have a new dedicated Swatch Exchange website. All data from the old sites has been transferred to this new site!

production meeting June 26th


Production team is secretly moving underwater preparing the summer camp in Berlin. We have been meeting weekly for the last 6 weeks discussing workshop content to budget. Today, we discussed – which workshop will happen in which time slot – … Continue reading