Imperial Knithack


Experiment on embedding audio onto a knitting pattern, and successfully decrypting its contents back into sound. Created on a hacked Brother940 during the  knitthack workshop by Claire and Maurin. >>>>> Video Maurins patch - Daniels refreq -

Sound Fabric


This idea was to knit a pattern generate from a sound file (record at Paillard). This fabric will act like an antenna so when you get close to it will create a sound in correlation of the pattern you see. For … Continue reading

Zebra Philosophy


Philosophy? Or should this be called “Zebra Critical Theory”? Very impressive words… During all experimental knitting and 3D printing and trying to explain harvesting IC’s some thoughts popped up which are so easily forgotten. Still it was part of the … Continue reading

Zebra fabrics


Group project: Zebra Fabrics. (In this post most pictures are from Beam, but he also used some pictures from the media of the summercamp blog by other participants – difficult to trace who uploaded what – , any way…many thanks!) … Continue reading

Movement of fabric and coils


Igne Oyasi coil on diode axis! >> Video: Testing the coil with a magnet; generated throug solar energy Preperation: servo motor and arduino and first test of making kitch smockings Bonding and kumu shibori and a servo motor   … Continue reading

Heating Circuits and Thermochromic Experiments


                    Being inspired by two of the workshops we followed during summer camp : screen Printing Dynamic surfaces and Screen Printing Circuits, we decided to join our skills as a group … Continue reading

Blackberry Textile Solar Cell


Inspired by blueberry solar cell projects, such as ‘Temporary photoElectric Digestopians [TpED]‘ by Bartaku and …., we decided to try to build our own blueberry solar cells. We found these instructions on internet, and tried to follow… So, … Continue reading