Chinese Gadets (energy harvesting)

Some info regarding the Chinese gadgets. They are really cheap and have a few “problems”. Learning from the shortcuts used in these gadgets is fun. “Repairing” will give lot’s of experience.

Some Chinese gadgets in the shop and what these cost (nearly nothing):
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A cheap garden lamp:

Basic smart part ANA608 (with just an inductor and a diode):
ANA pdf (Translation from Chinese below)


nice instructable using this ANA608 for a Joule thief (energy harvesting old batteries):

image below from:

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medium (NiCd and NiMH rechargeable AA, AAA etc batteries)

Problems with the cheap garden lamp: the battery will be overcharged (no protection) and will be dead soon.

ANA608 part Web Translation of chinese datasheet:

Google translation of Chinese datasheet ANA608:

Product Overview:
The main advantage of solar lawn solar energy to work during the day when the sun shines on the solar cell, the light energy into electrical energy stored in batteries, and then in the evening for the lawn of LED (light emitting diode) provided by the battery power supply. Its main advantage is safety, energy saving, convenient, and environmental protection.
Solar Lawn controller ANA608 is a company based solar lawn work features specially developed, using the TO-94 package, very few external components, ease of production; The controller has a high conversion efficiency: 85 ~ 90% (typical value) , solar panels can reduce power requirements; output current can be adjusted; current consistency is good.

*few external components, only one inductor and a diode, ease of production
*High efficiency: 85 ~ 90% (typical value), can take advantage of solar cells
*adjust the current through the inductor, simple and convenient, current stability, consistency
*input current from the LED turn-on voltage
*enable low voltage, ensuring adequate outside light fixtures in the dark when it opens
*enable control with Schmidt performance to ensure stability when the lamp light and dark conversion

Pin Name  Pin function
1 GND Ground pin
2 CE Enable
3 LX Switch Pin
4 VDD Input Power

Dynamo torch:

This is energy harvesting with muscle power. Contrary to what you think there is no rechargeable battery inside but just two coin cells. The two functions:

  • charging and shining
  • shining from batteries

The muscle power is changed into electricity using a magnet and a coil. The spring is rather stiff, if it “springs” out you will have a bit of a hard time to get it assembled again.

The copper wires from the coil are also used as connection wires, this makes hacking/repairing tricky, this copper wires breaks easily.

Solar cap (5 euro’s)

Nice thing to hack with a solar motor and a solar cell. These components are fit for each other.

Here the MPPT graph of the solar cell, which shows the motor runs at around 3.3V:

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