cuscus salad


by mika

Also told by a friend. I think the recipe has changed over time.

cherry tomato
black olive
feta cheese
red paprika
green onion
salad leaf (rucola,baby spinach.. any leaf works)

balsamico vinegar
olive oil
Parsley, mint (optional)

knife, cutting board, water cooker, big bawl, small bawl

1. Boil hot water and pour it over cuscus and wait 5min. mix it well with olive oil.
2. cut zucchini in 1cm dice, cherry tomato into 4, paprika in 1cm sq, green onion in 1cm slices.
3. wash the leafs and dry it well.
3. Add all the vegetables in a big bawl (but not the leafs), add black olive and crumble the feta cheese in. mix it well.
4. Add cuscus (make sure it is not hot) into the big bowl, mix it well, and add olive oil, salt and vinegar. Mix it very well.
5. Add leafs, mix it lightly. If necessary, add more oil and vinegar.
6. you can add Parsley or mint as you like.
7. serve it cold