Static Electricity Probe

Credits: Beam Contrechoc, 2014

This swatch is a research tool for investigation of static electricity properties of your e-textile fabrics.

Reason and motive:
Several times I added a touch sensor in textiles. More than once this touch sensor works without textiles, but doesn’t sewed in. This is because static electricity is enough to exite the darlington array. This Swatch reverses this disaster: we use the setup to investigate in advance if static electricity will block your nice touch sensor on your combination of fabric and conductive thread.

Concrete technology:
A darlington array of two BC547C transistors, a LED, 3V battery in a suitable hull (not textile!). The setup is a prototype – not yet as clever as the Chinese gadgets! Together with the probe there are some samples of fabric to start testing.

Dimensions: 16 x 10 cm

Print the casing yourself! STL files:

Press the button and make sure you touch also the upper part of the battery (in big hole). Test it by touching the front metal probe with your other hand, the LED should light up. The battery can be replaced. Plastic wrappping paper is a good material for exploring: it has local points which light up. Conductive material gives a very constant reaction. The tool works also to discover if there is any conductive material in a textile and where: for this touch the material with your hand and the probe n the other,  explore the fabric.




First swatch pitch version:

swatch preview_small


result of 3D printer design:



Picture of all the mistakes and disasters making the 3D print: (under part)