eTextile Cuvée 2014

… is the accompanying exhibition for this years “eTextile Summer Camp” and gives an insight to current artistic practices, experiments and research endeavors undertaken by the participants of the camp.
The Exhibition takes place at Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain during the Summercamp 2014.

Exhibition in images

etextiles 2014R2_rgb

presenting the following works:

Aniela_Hoitink_si_detailSolar inbetween
Aniela Hoitink, 2014

The Solar Inbetween represents a new way of using curtains. Traditionally, the primary functions of curtains have always been to provide insulation and to shut out draughts. I now introduce a new function.

Anja_Hertenberger-pressorsensora_r8_011Lace Sensor Project
Anja Hertenberger & Meg Grant, 2012

The Lace Sensor Project explores themes of hand-made versus machine-made work and how handcrafts are reproduced by industrial processes – and vice-versa. It also experiments with the use of different media and techniques to replicate similar styles of textile and decoration.

Anne-Marie_Lavigne-pixles_oWoven Signals
Anne-Marie Lavigne, 2014

A textile composed of yarn treated with thermochromic pigments. When activated by interwoven conductive threads, the seamless and unified material is transformed, revealing a dynamic fiber interface.

Babro_Scholz-schuh barbroRainy days never say good bye
Babro Scholz, 2014

We like the rainy days, and we like to get the weather right in the face.
This pair of shoes is a materialized thought, a tribute to the rainy day.

Beam_Contrechoc-weaving2Yellow Things
Beam Contrechoc, 2014

This specific “yellow things project” is part of an artistic research “Dataviz on clothing” and research on incorporating new hardware into garments (Very bright Led panels, Led strips).

BeckyStewart_Human Harp_3Human Harp
Becky Stewart, 2013

While walking across the Brooklyn Bridge during a residency in New York, artist Di Mainstone realised suspension bridges looked like giant harps and was inspired to create the Human Harp.

Celine_Marcq-Inconspicuous Matter_1Inconspicuous Matter
Celine Marcq, 2010

Inconspicuous Matter is a material research project that aims to develop responsive materials for future ambient displays, which would make it possible to visualize electrical energy flows.

Irene_Posch_Ebru_Kurbak_Knitted_RadioThe Knitted Radio
Ebru Kurbak & Irene Posch, 2014

The Knitted Radio is part of an ongoing investigation towards using traditional textile crafting techniques to create electronic components and devices from scratch.

Touchable eTextiles
Emilie Giles and Janet van der Linden, 2014

Touchable eTextiles is a collection of objects that have been developed as part of an Open University research project exploring the relationship between eTextiles and touch-based interaction with regards to visual impairment.

Esteban_and_Judit-1Ocho Tonos
Esteban de la Torre & Judit Eszter Karpati, 2014

Focused on exploring the relationship between Sound & Textile by developing and applying technology allowing us to use textile as a sound emitter as well as recontextualizing our interaction with textile into to a user interface.

Hannah_PernerWilson_Mika_Satomi_cryingdress_modelCrying Dress
Hannah Perner-Wilson & Mika Satomi, 2028

There has been much speculation on the commissioner’s motivation for ordering the gown prior to his death, but it is widely believed that he intended for it to console his wife and accompany her mourning.

Isabel_Cabral_image_isabelThermochromic Light Filters
Isabel Cabral & A. P. Souto, 2013

The Thermochromic Light Filters samples, address an on going PhD research with the title “Dynamic Light Filters: Smart Materials Applied to Textile Design”.

Jussi_Mikkonen-summercamp_exhib_imgShower curtain
Jussi Mikkonen, 2014

The eTextiles are combined with a wireless power transfer to provide waterproofed light to a shower. The use of a shower curtain will not change, but there will be the softer lighting for the user, which is lit only when the curtain is closed.

Lucie_Viry-Functional_fibresFunctional fibres
Lucie Viry, 2005-2012

“Functional fibres” is a collection of several scientific research projects aimed at addressing technological challenges in the field of medicine and robotics.

Martin De Bie, 2014

“Rudy” is a protest jacket using a POV system to allow you sending a message thanks to the leds hidden into the badges.

Maurin Donneaud, 2012

Gamme de tissus pour chemins et sets de table lumineux en collaboration avec Alice Heit designer textile. Objets d’exception pour les repas de fêtes, ces tissus mêlent intimement tradition et innovation.

Paula_Kassenaar_DSC_0210Soft Interiors
Paula Kassenaar, 2011

“Soft Interiors” is an example of how you can combine textiles and light in a pleasant way. It keeps the soft, airy qualities of the textile, and adds the warm quality of light. “Soft Interiors” is intended as a home accessory.

Pauline_Vierne_pressuresensor_Cebit_LPressure Sensor Cushion
Pauline Vierne, 2014

Eventually this fabric sensor involves our relation with our light – and thereby our energy – consumption. How can our home devices be more responsible and related to our real needs?

Ricardo O’Nascimento, 2011

Bojagi is an unique form of korean textile art. It is a traditional wrapping cloth made by patching together scraps and turning them into useful wrappers. Bojagi can be used to wrap almost everything and there are several techniques to use it.

Sara_Robertson_Colour shiftDigital Lace
Sara Robertson, 2014

Digital Lace’ will explicitly pool together the craft skills base and expertise of printed textile practitioner and thermochromic specialist, Sara Robertson (SR) and constructed textile practitioner and light-emitting optical fibre specialist, Sarah Taylor (ST)

Tincuta_Heinzel_hedgehog_fabric2Hedgehog fabric
Tincuta Heinzel, 2012-2013

Hedgehog Fabric is a flexible device inspired by the way hedgehogs react to different sound stimuli. It is a project which tries to draw attention to the increased noise pollution.

Wendy_Claire_summercamphandsDisastrous Dinner
Claire Williams & Wendy Van Wynsberghe, 2014

Dinner parties are prone to protocol. What fork goes where, which glass is for wine and which one is for water? What is the order of things?

Zoe_Romano_2014-06-19 16.03.09OknitMe – Square Kimono Jacket
Serpica Naro, 2014

OKnitMe is an open-source project developed by Serpica Naro collective with the help of some friends with the aim of putting to better use punch-card knitting machines, much easier to find and cheaper to buy.

all_E-TEX-SWATCH-EXCHANGE-2013Swatch Book Exchange

The E-Textile Swatch Exchange is a platform for sharing physical work samples in the field of electronic textiles.