Haptic Crochet

Credits: Emilie Giles

Year of Invention: 2014

Link: http://www.emiliegiles.co.uk/Open-University-eTextiles-Research-Project

Description: Haptic Crochet is a crocheted sensor swatch made using conductive yarn and hempcotton yarn designed for touch based feedback.
Crocheted objects have an interesting texture on which to rub our fingers over, evoking different thoughts and feelings in the user. Haptic Crochet invites users to explore it’s surface either as a purely craft based object or a one which can be integrated in a circuit as a touch based sensor.

Dimensions: 8x8cm

Inspirations/References: “This swatch is connected to an Open University research project, exploring eTextiles and touch-based interaction with regards to
visual impairment.

Materials: Polyester and stainless steel conductive yarn & hempcotton yarn.

Tools/Techniques: 4mm crochet hook