Japanese Curry Rice

Curry Rice カレーライス (this will be pronounced as Karee Raisu) is one of the super typical dish for Japanese family meal. Also a popular dish when you go camping with big group. It is hard to find a Japanese kid who hates this dish. It is not a traditional dish, I guess originally brought by English as Indian curry in early 20th century, misunderstood and modified to come to what it is now. Usually it is with meat, but you can do it without meat and instead add a lot of vegetable. This version I post here will be called Summer Vegetable Curry Rice.


Ingredients (4 serving):
4 medium size potato
4 Carrot
4 Onion
1 medium size curry paste mix blocks
1 bay leaf
some oregano/ thyme/ rosemary (if you like)
100g mushroom
1 zucchini
1 paprika
some garlic
olive oil
2 cups of rice (Japanese rice will be good, but otherwise any kind of rice)

1. Peal Potato, Onion, Carrot, cut in big chunks and cook in a big pot with water enough to cover them. Throw in bay leaf and herbs and cook until everything gets soft

2. cut mushroom, zucchini, paprika into reasonable size. Peal garlic and smash with knife.

3. heat up olive oil (2 spoons or so) in a frying pan, throw in garlic. When it start to smell good, add all the vegetable form step 2 and stair-fry until it is cooked. add a bit of salt.

4. When the Step1 vegetables are well cooked, add curry paste mix blocks into the pot. stair until they melt into the water and boil them. Make sure to not to burn the bottom. Adjust the thickness by adding hot water if it is too thick.

5. Just before serving, heat up the Step4 and add Step3 vegetables in the pot. Mix well

6. Separately, cook the rice. Probably you need to start parallel somewhere between step 1 and 4. If you use Japanese rice, you need to wash them in the beginning. It will be easier to cook rice if we have rice cookers.

Here is how to wash the rice video. The Instructor’s gesture is very Japanese and funny…

7. Serve rice on the dish and pour the curry on the rice.

Here is a video on how to cook curry at campsites. This is the meat version but you will get the idea on how it is done. enjoy!