July 29th:

We started off the morning session with 2 skill share workshop, SMA meets Smocking and Screen-Printing Dynamic Surfaces


IMG_3784 IMG_3789 IMG_3787 IMG_3800

In the afternoon, we had an introduction to this year’s swatchbook, following the discussion on how we want the swatchbook to develop in future.


IMG_3805 IMG_3808

After the swatchbook discussion, we had a short discussion on who we would like to start the group projects.
There were few ideas on starting from:
- Categories such as research, aesthetic and design, artistic and theoretical
- Start from technique such as, knitting, screen printing, 3D printing, energy harvesting, sewing and traditional crafts.
- Start from topic and concepts around beyond kitsch
- Start from specific project ideas

Well, we did not decide on one approach yet and instead of talking further more, took a walk to a biological wine maker up the hill and tasted some wine. Not a bad end of a day.