July 30th:

Again, we started with 8:00 croissant breakfast. Shelly and Beam is taking a task to drive to a bakery in the next town (the bakery in Poncé sur le Loir is closed now) every morning.

From 9:00- 12:00, we had a skill share workshop on Screen-Printing Circuits and All About Knitting and Hacked Machines.


IMG_3821 IMG_3826 IMG_3832 IMG_3833 IMG_3829 IMG_3838

After the hard working for 3 hours, we had a lunch break with wonderful pie and Quiche by Martin.
IMG_3841 IMG_3843

During the lunch, Shelly mentioned she has problems in her ear, and Maurin told her his trick on getting the stuff out of ear using Dandelion stems. She tried it and according to her, it works wonderfully. Just take a sip of water in your mouth, hold the dandelion in place and blow the water into it. It will push out all the unwanted things in your ear!
IMG_3846 IMG_3847

In the afternoon, we had a panel discussion on Beyond Openness. It started with presentation of 3 panelists, following a role playing game by all the participants. The participants were separated into Government1 (who proposes an idea), Oposition1, Goverment2 (who defend the goverment1′s idea) and Oposition2. The topic was “Government proposal on mandatory DIY course in schools” and “Government proposal on dismissing all the patterns”.

IMG_3853 IMG_3855 IMG_3877 IMG_3879
Well, we did not get a grand ideas, but it was for sure an interesting exercise.

In the evening, parallel to the dinner cooking, Ebru told people how to make Dorma, a Turkish Stuffed Vine Leaves.

The dinner menu for this evening is a “Pasta Night”. People brought in their favorite pasta recipe and cooked for everyone. Zoe, Beppe and Emilie was the cook for tonight. Thanks!


After the dinner, we played a little game of “Chinese whisper”, a game to pass on a message by whispering to your neighbor’s ear. Well, the result was hilarious, but I already do not remember..
IMG_3914 IMG_3915

Today was a birthday of Ricardo. Nils has worked hard in the kitchen whole afternoon to bake his favorite carrot cake. We sang a happy birthday song, light candles and opened bubblies…
Well, it was so much fun that we did not really take a picture, except this one..
Yammm! Thanks Nils!