Panel: Beyond Kitsch

Panelist: Ebru Kurbak, Anja Hertenberger, Ricardo de Oliveira Nascimento

Moderator: Mika Satomi


This Panel Discussion Session is to talk about artistic concept development from the theme aspect,“Beyond Kisch”. Three panelists will open the discussion by presenting their thoughts on this topic, and lead us into public discussion on what is kitsch and what is beyond kitsch in the eTextile context.


What is the e-textile kitsch?, by Ebru Kurbak

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kitsch copy.003 kitsch copy.004

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kitsch copy.001 kitsch copy.002

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Panelists’ BIO

Ebru Kurbak
Ebru is an artist, researcher and educator, currently based in Vienna, Austria. Her work often deals with psychological and cultural implications of technology with apparent focus on the conception and perception of space. Between 2007 and 2011, she mainly investigated the micro electronic communication space around the human body as an alternative space for artistic intervention. She designed experimental body-worn technologies and explored their instrumental, aesthetic and semiotic potentials.
In the last two years, Ebru has laid focus on critical research as a tool for her artistic practice. Her current work, in collaboration with Irene Posch, involves conventional textile production techniques as alternative means to create electronic components and objects from scratch. She works on objects and installations that expose narratives from plausible-fictive worlds in which the worlds of textiles and electronics are combined in novel ways.
She is currently leading a collaborative artistic research project entitled ‘Stitching Worlds’, funded by Austrian Science Funds – Program for Arts-Based Research, hosted at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Anja Hertenberger
Anja Hertenberger is an artist who researches identity in relation to media, surveillance, power, control and man-machine interaction.
Her fascination for electronics and writing small programs started during her masters ‘Interactive Media and Environments.’ In her recent projects she combines electronics and programming with her earlier passion for textiles. Together with Barbara Pais and Danielle Roberts she developed e-pressed (2009), a shirt that displays feedback about the wearer’s stress levels. Her most recent work is Hysterical Bubble (2009-2010), a wearable project consisting of four suits, each one with an embroidered textile bubble that inflates or deflates in reaction to the proximity of the group members to each other.

Ricardo O’Nascimento
Ricardo O’Nascimento is an artist and researcher on the field of new media and interactive art. He investigates body-environment relations focused on interface development for worn devices, interactive installations and hybrid environments.
He holds degree from PUC – SP , SENAC – SP and the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz at the Interface Culture Department. Currently he works in his studio and teaches at Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam.
He receive awards including CYNETART award 2012 and Rumos Arte Cibernética. His works have been featured in several museums, galleries and art festivals like Ars Electronica, FILE, LABoral, V2, Instituto Itaú Cultural, Soft Galleri and Transmediale, among others.