Post Recipes!

During the summer camp, we will cook and eat all the meals together.
For breakfast, we will have some standards to grab.
For lunch, as we do not have much time to prepare, we will do quick good old sandwiches of various kinds.

For dinner, we would like all of you to submit your favorite recipes, to cook and eat together. Please include the amount of ingredients in your recipe. (if you know only for 4 people amount, please write as 4 people recipe)
The kitchen has basic equipment of 4 oven top (electric), 1 oven, few cooking pots, frying pans, cutting board.. so on. And we have approximately 2 hours to prepare each meal.

I would suggest, we will cook mainly vegetarian dishes, occasionally side meat dishes. If the recipe you suggest includes ingredients that some people are allergic to, please consider the version without them.