production meeting June 26th

Production team is secretly moving underwater preparing the summer camp in Berlin. We have been meeting weekly for the last 6 weeks discussing workshop content to budget.

Today, we discussed
- which workshop will happen in which time slot
- whether the final presentation should be open to public (and it will be, detail will come out soon)
- exhibition set up and invitation flyer, budget
- whether swatch exchange should be a separate site (and it will be a sub site)
- what we need for general materials, arranging the online shopping cart
- How to properly pronounce “Paillard” and “mannequin”

Of course we need sweets when we have a serious discussions! Today’s snack was home made Banana bread from Hannah and Hafer Taler and Chocolate with Puffs from Pauline. Maybe we can have the Banana bread at the summer camp?!

We try to update you on how the preparation process is going so you can get a bit of insight.
The meetings are held every Thursdays. so, check the next Thursday meeting log.