“ Single Pole Double Throw” Switch

Credits: Isabel Cabral and A. P. Souto

Year of Invention:

Action origami techniques provide the possibility to develop models with more than one configuration. The sample proposed – Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Switch – explores the ability to control 2 electrical circuits (1 at a time) with a switch inspired on Jacob’s ladder toy. This technique have been studied and a folding variation developed in order to achieve a greater number of configurations.
The photos send illustrate a study model of the folding morphologies and possibilities to close 2 circuits, each in different folding phases. This work addresses an on-going research focused in screen printing with conductive pigments. Several materials are being tested and will be selected through their performance.


Dimensions: 6x6cm (closed); 6x12cm (open)

Inspirations/References: Jacob’s ladder toy