This is a typical Austrian dish I learned from a friend.
It is easy to make, tasty and filling..

Ingredients: 4 serving
Spinet (frozen is ok) half a bag
1 Onion
100ml (or some) milk
1 spoon of flour
Nutmeg (if you have)
cheese (gauda/ emental/ bergkase or feta)
2 eggs
pie crust dough sheet
salt and pepper

Yogurt source (yogurt, chopped mint, garlic, salt, olive oil)

1. Boil water and boil spinet so it is soft (5min or so) and drain it well
2. Chop onion in small pieces
3. saute onions until it is cooked, add flour and mix it well. Add milk and make it creamy.
4. When 3 is creamy, add cooked spinet, salt pepper and nutmeg.
5. Boil eggs hard separately, peal them and slice.
6. spread the pie crust on a oven tray, grind cheese on the middle row, add spinet on it and place the sliced egg on top.
7. close the pie crust and fix the closing by pressing it or use a bit of water as a glue
8. bake in preheat 200 degrees oven for 20-30min

if you like, serve with yogurt source