Thai Red Curry

This is my usual recipe. I am sure there are millions of ways to do a good Thai curry:)

Ingredients: 4 servings
Red Curry paste 50g
Ginger 1 chunk
garlic 1 clove
coconut cream 1 can
coconut cream (sweet) 1spoon
salt or nam-pla

Fried Tofu
red paprika
bamboo shoot
green beans
spring onion
cherry tomato
(.. and any kind of vegetable really)

Topping (you can skip this, if you do not have)
Bean sprout
peanut (crashed)


1. Chop Ginger and Garlic into small pieces
2. Chop all the vegetables and Tofu in believable size
3. Heat up a wok or similar pan on stove, heat up 2-3 spoons of oil, add ginger and garlic and cook until they start to smell good. Add curry paste and mix with oil well.
4. Add coconut cream and a bit of water (100ml or so) and let it boil.
5. Add Tofu and Vegetable when the coconut milk start to boil. Let it cook for a while until the vegetables are cooked (it does not have to be super soft)
6. Check the taste and add salt or nam-pla if it needs to be a bit saltier.
7. Separately cook rice
8. serve on cooked rice and sprinkle the topping as you like