Yellow Mushroom Pasta


If we can find Yellow Mushroom/ Eierschwammerl/ Cantharellus, it will be nice to make a Eierschwammerl cream pasta. This is a dish I learned in Austria, traditionally you will eat with semmelknödel but to make it quick, we can also eat with pasta.

Ingredients (4 serving):
3-400g Yellow Mushroom/ Eierschwammerl/ Cantharellus
2 onions
1 bunch Parsley
200g mascalpone
100cc white wine
olive oil
500g pasta (wide egg pasta will be good)

1. wash the mushroom very good.

2. break the mushroom into half or good eating size. Don’t use knife but break it with hand

3. chop onion into small sized dice. Also chop parsley into small pieces

4. Heat up frying pan, add some olive oil and cook onions until soft. add some salt

5. Add the mushroom into the pan, cook for few minutes and add white wine.

6. When the mushroom is cooked, add mascalpone. Check the taste and adjust with salt and pepper. If it is too dry, add some pasta boiling water.

7. Thrown in chopped parsley and it is done.

8. In the meantime, cook the pasta. Make sure that it finishes at the same time.

9. Mix them together and ready to serve.