B – Pictures

Documentating: Made some categories in albums at Flickr. Chosen one picture out of each album. (Not to bore anyone with all of the pictures :-)

One of the pictures from the folder of “workspaces“. The big space – theater. Somehow it was a nice mess, everything was rather chaotic – “ein Durcheinander”.


Some pictures of the printroom! This was certainly another feeling,  everything was organized in detail in this space! I should have camped here, but i was too addicted to the knitting machines…


The Exhibition Room, in this album mainly backstage pictures, also a very organized space as could be expected, with these three wonderful curators.


Album of Group Meetings, always on schedule, interesting for every second… lots of “crowded people pictures” in this album, a bit like Rubens paintings…but also a group of “New Painting approaches”.


Then (excusez-moi) – the least e-textile or summercamp relevant – an album of crude, meditative “Stills“. Isolated compositions of objects, light, color, could be anything – but not too much persons. Paillard – summercamp seems utterly dense of these silent configurations. In taking these kind of pictures i am totally transformed in “looking”… i have the feeling of being only “eye” and all internal language blabbering has disappeared –  total internal silence … (heaven).


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