Barbro Scholz

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Hi my name is Barbro, am an artist and textile designer, at the moment located in Hamburg. I have my background in industrial design and textile design with a focus on e- textiles, interaction and materials. My interest is the impact of designed objects on society, especially textiles as user-interfaces for technical devices or as the device itself. I think the change of possibilities in material choices and size for devices raise new questions to designers. I believe that our life and behavior change and that the designer’s visionary role becomes even more important as well as the responsibility of designers to ask critical questions. Using the space where arts and design meets gives a chance to allow discussions beside consumer objects.

I am interested in expermimenting with materials and electronics, and I always want to learn more.

Right now I am working in my Hamburg based studio, from August I will work at the HS Niederrhein Textile Department.

Looking very much forward too meet you all soon!

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