E-Textile Picnic in San Francisco


Former and future E-Textile summercamp participants meet up in Dolores park for a picnic mid May 2016.

Summercamp Cookbook

Finally the printed version of the E-Textile Summercamp 2011 – 2015 Cookbook arrived! Order a copy here >> Post comments to make notes on changes, corrections and ideas for the next edition. Photos on Flickr:

Shelly and James visit Berlin


We had a wonderful time! We went out for pizza: Did projection-mapping on our dinner: And James took back some coal as a souvenir:

Documentation: Tools For Practitioners

Tool Suite Vest - first prototype

Irene and Hannah >> Tools We Want What kinds of specialized tools could E-Textile practitioners use? Being an interdisciplinary trade, many tools of our trade come from either electrical engineering or textile practices. Can we imagine and build unique tools … Continue reading

Educational Toolkits Outcome


Before heading to Paillard this summer, a collection of focus groups was compiled by the camp organizers. As a participant, we were able to choose one of these groups to explore, discuss, and prototype a specific etextile topic in more … Continue reading

Drawing eTextile Summercamp

Here are a few sketches by Wauter Mannaert   Thus Wauter: “buildings, knitters, soldering humans & reading people are easier to draw because they are stay put, in one place” –> The full album is here: To download in higher … Continue reading

Chansons Paillardes


What means the name Paillard??? Shelly explained it very well, one of the current French meanings being drunken men songs.  Here an example of that: the most cool French sounds from the 1950-ies… In the small shop with old stuff … Continue reading

de-soldering station


Do you remember the amazing de-soldering station Wendy brought? I guess I was not the only one who took a picture of the label in case you want to purchase them later… just in case you thought about it but … Continue reading

Lost and Found


1. Rain Jacket from Rukka, Size XL 2. some kind of high tech swimming towel 3. sandals >> Becca 4. black sweater/cardigan from Esprit 5. Muji note with French Writing. Is it Celine’s?? 6. Wei’s 7. Pen (Yellow dot sticker … Continue reading

Summercamp 2015 – three atmospheric zoom in video’s


eTextile Summercamp atmosphere, filmed from three unusual viewpoints – a slow one   – from an arachnid’s point of view (who takes his or her time – wait till the end!)   – underwater in le Loir … Continue reading

Summercamp Library – The Books


What books do eTextilers take to summercamp? Here they are (alphabetical by title)!   Architecture in the communist project : Romania 1944-1989 by Ana-Maria Zahariade The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving by Rowena … Continue reading

Finishing Touches


One third of of Summercamp participants will arrive tonight at 8pm. The day is spent running all the final errands such as shopping (for wine! and food), setting up the exhibition space and preparing the house for sleeping.

Back in Paillard


Arrived at Paillard the cleaning, setting up begin.

The Cramped Drive


We leave Berlin at 7:30am and arrive at Paillard around 10pm. The Car is packed full of stuff.

Ready. Set. Go?


Mika and Ingo struggle to change the winter tires for summer tires, while Hannah cuts the swatchbook felt and we all pack up the studio. By 10pm we are ready and the car is totally full. We leave for Paillard … Continue reading

Summercamp Library


Just an idea…… but if each of us brings one book with us, we’ll have a nice little library of 35 books to browse. Sitting on the couch, waking up in the morning, sipping wine in the evening. Textile, electronic, … Continue reading

Bring your favorite treat to share with tea

Towards the end of the week, our energy will get low and afternoon tea with cookies is the perfect remedy. This year, lets each bring one packet of our favorite treat to share. Cookies, cake, chocolate, nuts, crackers, sweets….

Summercamp Photoalbums

This year we will have three physical photo-albumns of the past summercamps. For this everybody is asked to submit at least one, and a maximum of three of your favorite summercamp photos from each of the summercamps you have attended. … Continue reading

Preparation log: June 23rd


Today’s meeting was very tough! We went over all the materials list from the groups, checked if there are same materials request from multiple groups, commented if there are anything unclear, formulate the general materials list that we organize, calculate … Continue reading

Preparation log: June 18th


In today’s meeting, we discussed the grouping of the focus group and how to do the materials list from the each group. After this meeting we sent out the email to everyone to get together with the group, discuss the … Continue reading

preparation log: June 4th


In this meeting, we discussed the result from the second meeting with Shelly and James, the content of the focus group, how we introduce this idea to the participants and the schedule of the summer camp. The member of this … Continue reading

Preparation log: May 28th


The member of this meeting is Hannah, Pauline, Ingo and Mika. In this meeting, we discussed the new schedule structure. We are planning to change it completely this year. Instead of having workshops and discussions at the beginning and group … Continue reading

Preparation log: May 21st


The organization team started their weekly meeting now. The member of this meeting is Hannah, Pauline, Ingo and Mika. In this meeting, we discussed about the task division, the current status of the organization, logistics challenge and short brief on … Continue reading