*Geek Out*: Knitting Electronics

Knitting with Felting Wool

Fish a1IMG_4316

Working with the Yeoman Felting Wool at summer camp was great, and inspired me to continue experimenting after camp ended. It’s fun to make detailed colorful designs, which I loaded using img2track software and a hacked cable. But there are … Continue reading

Knitting Afterparty 2: Another Board for KH-940

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 13.05.31

In the preparation for the Knitting Geeks there was a participant mentioning making a new version of the board for loading images to the KH-940 with a Teensy 3.1 instead of an Arduino Due. (The Due is used for existing … Continue reading

Knitting Afterparty


The summer in Paillard was having familiar Dutch features. For a few days it was not summer at all. Participants tried to shop socks at the knitting nest in the main theater. The knitters had to disappoint the customers. In … Continue reading

Documenting Knitting Group


Content: (work in progress) Discussion Ways to transfer an image to the knitting machine Micro Explorations Fitting an ATtiny85 inside a bigger knitting Vertical weaving of the ATtiny connection (coming) Felting wool Elastic thread (coming) Capacitor knittings (coming) Loud speaker … Continue reading

*Geek Out*: Knitting Electronics


Open source digital knitting machines enabled us to precisely design the patterns, convert any data into knit and feed the pattern line by line in real time. At last year’s summer camp, we had many digital knitting machines. Can we … Continue reading