Make your tech and wear/use it too?

Documentation: Travelling Pattern


This knitted fabric, that collects traditional pattern from places the wearer has visited, as well as sound and language, that will be played when the spectator comes closer Image created with a collection of traditionnal pattern. The first one in … Continue reading

Documentation: Make your tech and wear/use it too?

wip 1 wearable

In the Focus group, we did some discussions on future fields of wearables of the future. We used speculative design as a method to imagine contexts of wearables. We wanted to think apart from wellness sensors and monitoring devices. We … Continue reading

Make your tech and wear/use it too?

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 08.24.35

Why are we developing solutions to embed electronics in textiles if we’re not really interested in having this kind of technology in our lives. Lets get together and think about what we really want to exist in the world. And … Continue reading