Chansons Paillardes

What means the name Paillard??? Shelly explained it very well, one of the current French meanings being drunken men songs.  Here an example of that: the most cool French sounds from the 1950-ies…
In the small shop with old stuff in Chartres-sur-le-Loir I found a record titled Chansons Paillardes by “Les 4 Barbus” (the 4 bearded men), … I bought it mainly for the cover:

This doesn’t seem to be “Pink Lady“, ( from the 1970-ties, or “Rammstein“, ( from the 2000-ds… but in the end won’t everything sound funny old fashioned?
I don’t have a record player, but you can find the “barbu” sounds on Youtube:
(These 4 Barbus couldn’t they benefit from a bit of e-textiles?)

I bought the record for 1 euro, on ebay it costs at least 5 euro, so i made a profit of 400% !!! But who ever could be in the slightest hurry to buy this :-)…

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