Check list

Summercamp Checklist (2015):

Did you submit all these forms/ information?

May 31st: Swatch Exchange – deadline for submitting swatch (create post on website)

June 7th: Camper Details – deadline for filling form about your needs and desires

June 10th: Focus Groups – deadline (comment on website)
June 23rd: Materials and Tools – deadline (spreadsheet)

June 26th: Exhibition Submission – deadline for sending details of your work to be included in exhibition (email to: ingo, irene, anja)

July 12th: Deadline for submitting photos for the Summercamp Photo Albums (email to hannah)

July 16th: Recipes submission

July 17th: Swatch Details – deadline for submitting final swatch details for print (your post on website)
July 22nd: Swatch Shipping – deadline for sending your swatches to Berlin (ONLY FOR THOSE OF YOU NOT ATTENDING SUMMER CAMP!)

July 26th – August 2nd: SUMMERCAMP!!!