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What kinds of specialized tools could E-Textile practitioners use? Being an interdisciplinary trade, many tools of our trade come from either electrical engineering or textile practices. Can we imagine and build unique tools that would fulfill needs unique to the practice of E-Textiles?
How would and could these tools look like? And would tools that better fit the practice advance creation within the practice?

These questions were the starting point of experimenting sessions and the production of prototypes. They are targeted at identifying necessities and possibilities in the field and pondering potential answers towards them. Diverse aesthetic, functional, material and interactive qualities are explored, tested and discussed.

Realized prototypes and investigations:

Tool Suite Vest - first prototypeTool Suite Vest - first prototype

Forked versions of the tool-vest
E-Textile Summercamp

Pincushion Voltage Supply

Finger-mount Wire Stripper

Connectable Thimble

Leather Continuity Vibrator
Leather continuity vibratorLeather continuity vibrator

Leather Breadboard Bracelet
E-Textile SummercampE-Textile Summercamp

E-Textile SummercampE-Textile Summercamp

Snap Connector Batteries
E-Textile SummercampE-Textile Summercamp

Fashionable Tools: Rachel’s Breadboard Cuff

Fabric Furniture (made in preparation for Summercamp – to test)
– Magnetic Tool-Wall Organizer
– Thread-Rack & Pocket-Wall Cocktail Dress
– Wire-Rack Tails

A Wearable Studio Practice: Tool Wall GownA Wearable Studio Practice: Sewing Station PinaforeWire rack with tails

Tools For Practitioners – Survey
Overview of early results from a survey handed among eTextile Summercamp participants about their identification as practitioners, and the use of tools.

Describing and/or sketching how an imagined tool that could advance your practice might look and function (selection):
Imagined Tools Imagined ToolsImagined Tools Imagined Tools
Imagined Tools

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