Exhibition FAQ

Q: Do I have to participate in the exhibition?
A: YES. You should. The exhibition is a way to show each other what kind of work you do. Please bring something that represents your work.

Q: Does the work has to be the most recent work? Can I bring the old work I did a few years ago?
A: We prefer current pieces. As it would be great to see you current praxis and research.

Q: Is it ok if I bring the same work as the last year’s exhibition?
A: We prefer current work. As it would be great to see you current praxis and research.

Q: The original piece is stored at my parents house and I can not bring it with me. Is it ok to bring the documentation of the work instead?
A: Yes. Please make sure the documentation makes your piece understandable.

Q: My piece produces sound. Is this a problem for the exhibition?
A: We have to keep a balance between the attention of different works. The sound should not ‘scream’ and overwhelm other pieces in the exhibition. If possible bring headphones.

Q: My piece needs external speakers. Do you have this?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot provide speakers.

Q: My piece need access to the internet. Is this possible?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot provide internet access in the exhibition room.

Q: Can I present my piece as a video?
A: We don’t have a projector or screens. If you like to do so, please bring our own for the exhibition.

Q: How is the condition of the space? Is it dry enough to present sensitive fabrics?
A:The room is dry enough for textiles.

Q: Is it possible to connect my piece to a power supply so I don’t need to charge the batteries during the exhibition?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: My piece is very expensive. Is it really safe to show it?
A: The room is not secured with an alarm. The exhibition will only be accessible for the public with a guided tour.

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