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Other Wireless Modules

x-OSC is a wireless I/O board that provides just about any software with access to 32 high-performance analogue/digital channels and on-board sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer) via OSC messages over WiFi. There is no user programmable firmware and no software or drivers to install making x-OSC immediately compatible with any WiFi-enabled platform. All internal settings can be adjusted using any web browser.

Price: £160
Wireless: Wifi
Power: 3.7V, lipo rechargeable battery
Made for Performances. Robust connection. Multiple devices. Directly sends OSC


The Sense/Stage MiniBee is a small microcontroller board based on the Arduino, integrated with a connection for an XBee wireless chip. It is small and comes with preloaded firmware to use it easily in your wireless projects for a lot of common sensing and actuating purposes. As a bonus there is a 3-axis accelerometer on board. Cross platform open source software sends the data from the boards to your interactive environment via OpenSoundControl (OSC).


Price: 70,79 €
Wireless: Xbee
Power: 3.7V, lipo rechargeable battery
Made for Stage Performances. Multiple devices. mini software on computer that interprets data to OSC

Light Blue Bean
The LightBlue Bean is a low energy Bluetooth Arduino microcontroller. Using Bluetooth 4.0, it is programmed wirelessly, runs on a coin cell battery, and is perfect for smartphone controlled projects.


Price: $30
Wireless: Bluetooth LE
Power: 3V coincell battery
Wireless programming possibility.

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