Go small Go wireless


As we desire to seamlessly embed the electronics within our eTextiles projects, we often seek for small but powerful computation or small and energy efficient solutions. Lilypad to Teensey, there are many choices, but what do you choose? and why?
When the project needs to connect with other computers and networks, the problem is even bigger. How do you connect wirelessly? Bluetooth? Xbee? WIFI?
Let’s Geek out and experiment with small solutions, battery and wireless modules.


possible sub-topics:
Sensor Network:
let’s build a sensor-actor network and figure out what to do with it.

WIFI module for eTextiles:
connect eTextiles with a network. what for and why? IoT(extile) geek-out.

battery battery:
how do you power your projects when it is small and wireless? Lipo battery? coin cell? 9V? or any other? what are the pro and cons of these battery choices? Is there an ultimate choice?



(Bluetooth and RF12 board, double wireless (bluetooth for Mindwave connection, RF for communication between Exaltation silhouet and other morphing silhouet; double batteries required: lipo for microcontroller and added will be a powerpack for the servo’s. If you put the servo’s and the microcontroller on the same batteries you have a problem if the servo’s are switched on. Picture from electronics of Exaltation project of Jasna Rokegem student WdKA,  http://jasnarok.nl/index.html#exaltation)

9 Responses to Go small Go wireless

  1. Ingo Randolf says:

    i recently worked with ESP8266 chips, and would be interested to figure out more what and how to do things with chips like that.

  2. Becky Stewart says:

    I’m really interested in this group. I just participated in a hack this past weekend and used Bluetooth LE for the first time. Was really impressed with how much better it was to use than my Bluetooth experiences of a few years ago.

    I fear this topic may not have enough interest to sustain it into a full group, so I’m going to register my interest with the Industrialization group as well.

  3. Tincuta Heinzel says:

    I am interested this focus group. I am working into a project trying to connect several devices, so it will be quite useful to experiment on this. It will be interesting also to combine it with the printing and sustainable topics.

  4. admin says:

    I have been playing around with Xbee and Bluetooth to find a good solution for performance costumes, but never found the ultimate solution. It will be really nice to geek out and experiment on ultimate setup. I will be particularly interested in trying out WIFI module ESP8266.

  5. Ingo Randolf says:

    we are merging this group into “Tools for Practitioners”.

  6. Paula Kassenaar says:

    Yuhu! So I’m a bit confused whether this one still exists, but anyways I am in for this topic!

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