Knitbit [working title]

Becca Rose, 2014/15

These are some samples of knitted swatches made in the round using 5 needles. Some of the stitches (in a section of the knitting called the “steek”) are cut to create the flat sample piece.

To get the images you see, I made a program that translates digital images into a pattern for hand-knitting on the round. The program is a work in progress, currently it only makes Intarsia (picture) knitting, but I would like to develop it further to automate Fair-Isle / Scandinavian style repeating patterns.

The program is a work in progress -there are many features I’d like to add which would make the design process easier for the user -things like parametric coloring and pattern repetition, and also work on rendering the interface to look more like stitches then cubes!

I started this project for two reasons:

One: I love traditional Fair Isle and Scandinavian knitting patterns, and particularly interested in the way the craft encourages design through communities of knitting. After some more development, I’d like to experiment with the knitting program in various communities.

Two: For the last few years I have been learning to program. I thought I’d put my “learn by project” pedagogy I encourage as an educator into my own practice, and made the knitting program as a way to learn to code (I have a lot to learn!).

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